7 Related Posts WordPress Plugins That Help Maximize PageViews




Requirements: none

Pricing: free

Revenue generating: yes (can be turned disabled)

Self hosted or external service: external

Setup difficulty: easy

Level of customization: high

nRelate is one of the most popular “related posts” plugins and is run through an external service which can speed up your website and save on your server resources. nRelate is highly customizable with multiple built-in templates (both text and thumbnail options) as well as the ability to add in your own custom CSS for advanced users. If you're looking to grow your site's revenue you can display promoted content mixed in with your related posts on a CPC basis. By logging into the nRelate control panel you can view performance analytics and determine how well the plugin is performing on your website. We use nRelate on this website and are very happy with the results!

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  • Thanks a lot for this wonderful post, i love the Outbrain design, but well, i don’t have a site with Million pageviews yet.. Thanks for this plugins, i will be going with the contextual plugins.

  • This is a really nice and helpful post thanks for the create content. These are really helpful for newbie WordPress bloggers. I will use it on my blog.

  • Straight forward and most helpful post about related content. Especially see the Pros and Cons for small businesses as added useful information, which has given insight to what we will choose for our website. Thanks!

  • Great post.Related content has been my content plugin ever since i opened my website and so far this plugin has never disappointed me.

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