6 Reasons Why ‘Killing Floor’ Is One Of My Favorite Zombie Shooters

Reason #1 Priced Affordably

Unlike most zombie shooters, Killing Floor is priced low and affordable for nearly any gamer's budget. The everyday price is regularly $19.99, which is more than suitable for a game like this which is capable of providing hundreds hours worth of online gameplay and enjoyment. If you happen to catch it on one of their temporary promotions that run once or twice a year, you just might be lucky enough to pick up the full title for less than $5!

Reason #2: Runs Smooth On Virtually Any System

Killing Floor is versatile in the fact that it is supported for both PC or Mac gamers. Coming from an owner of both iMac and a Macbook Pro, I can empathize with all the Mac gamers out there who struggle to find solid game titles that can be played natively on OS X. Since both my Mac computers have relatively strong graphics cards, Killing Floor always looks great and plays very smooth even on high settings!

If you aren't fortunate enough to have a computer with a good graphics card or maybe you don't even have one at all, don't worry! At a recent LAN night, a friend who owns a 13″ Retina Macbook Pro (which only has integrated graphics AKA no real graphics card) was able to handle Killing Floor (on somewhat low settings of course) and keep up with us in-game regardless of his system's lower specs. This is great news as there is nothing worse than finding a cool cooperative game that either you or your friend can't run due to system limitations.

Reason #3: 6 Player Cooperative

Let's face it, most cooperative games only allow you to team up with 1-3 other players and that can be frustrating if you have a lot of gamer friends. With Killing Floor, you can have up to 6 players in a party all working together to defeat the zombie horde whether you're in LAN or online. If you go online, you can even find special servers who have enabled mods to allow even more players on your team. Yesterday, I've even played in a game that had 16 people all playing together cooperatively, it was awesome!

Reason #4: Large Online Player-Base

Killing Floor has reached over 3.5 million gamers and has built up a dedicated player-base which makes the game worthwhile to buy even if you have no gamer friends that you can join up with. For example, when I wrote this article (5:40PM on a Monday) there are over 18,500 players currently in-game on Killing Floor which makes finding other players to join you online a piece of cake.

Reason #5: Customizable Characters

So within the Killing Floor title, you get the chance to play as one of eight different classes which all have their own benefits. As you play through the game, each class will rank up from level 0 up to level 4 gaining new perks and abilities with each advancement. These perks can range from healing grenades to cheaper guns to more damage with a certain type of weapon. Additionally, you can choose from multiple character skins as well as access DLC packs. Here is a look at a user-uploaded skin of Daryl Dixon from the popular TV show The Walking Dead:

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.52.18 PM

Reason #6: Lots Of Maps & Guns

I first played Killing Floor when it was released several years ago. Back then, there was only a few guns to choose from and maybe 5 maps at most, but I still loved it from the start and recognized this game's serious potential.Now that I'm getting back into playing the game, I've realize how much new content Tripwire has added to the title making it that much better and worthwhile.

For example, there is now over 25 full-fledged maps that each have their own twist on the gameplay so you must always adapt to a new strategy. As for the weapons, there is over 30 pieces of equipment to choose from including multiple shotguns, sub-machine guns, explosives, assault rifles, a crossbow, chainsaw, and many more.