Three Reasons Why I Bought AppleCare For My Retina Macbook Pro

In the past decade, I have owned over 5 different iPhone models, 2 Macbook Pros, and an iMac. Out of all of these devices, I recently bought my first AppleCare plan for my 15″ Retina Macbook Pro as I had previously never found it to be necessary. My mind has changed and I'm going to briefly explain the three main reasons why I decided to go through with my AppleCare purchase.

Reason #1: Extremely Difficult To Repair

The Retina Macbook Pro was a completely new innovation for Apple and this caused their design to change dramatically from earlier Macbook Pro models. Due to this change, the difficulty factor in terms of self repair had skyrocketed to the point where the popular website iFixit had given the Retina 15″ Macbook Pro a “repairability score” of 1 out of 10 (10 being easiest to repair). Since I paid a little over $2,400 for this laptop (base 15″ retina model with 16GB RAM upgrade) and have little ability to repair any potential issues by myself, the $350 AppleCare price tag seemed to be a reasonable expense.

Reason #2: Price Of Parts Is Very High

Even if I were capable of repairing this laptop myself, I would run into the dilemma of having to buy replacement parts at an astronomically high price tag. How high you may ask? Let's just say the replacement 15″ retina screen sells for $999.95, the hard drives range from $199.95-549.95, the upper case assembly sells for $499.95, and the logic boards sell for a whopping $1,399.95. So by spending a $350 now, I am saving myself from the possible expenses of these parts should any of them should fail over my 3 year warranty period and gives me added piece of mind.

Reason #3: Convenience

Luckily, my laptop is not my only computer so if it were to malfunction, I would be able to continue on with my business and everyday life. For most people, dishing out $2000+ on a laptop means it will likely be their sole computer so if the computer suddenly stops working, it is a serious dilemma. By purchasing the Applecare plan, I am ensuring my laptop will be fully functional for the next 3 years. If something goes wrong, I simply visit my nearest Apple Store or ship it directly to Apple to get an immediate fix or exchange for a functioning model.

Photo Credit: Kiyong Ahn