The Best Place To Buy Premium Brochure Templates & Designs Online

While traditional methods of physical marketing methods such as newspapers have taken a steady decline over the past few years, print marketing materials such as brochures still have an effective presence in the business world. The key to utilizing brochures effectively is to be sure you have a quality design and a template that will reflect the type of message your company represents. If you aren't graced with exceptional artistic or graphic design skills, you're only options are to hire an expensive graphic designer or you can invest in an affordable pre-made brochure-style template.

Where Can I Buy Quality Brochure Templates & Designs?


The best place to buy pre-made brochure templates and designs is a marketplace called GraphicRiver. They have thousands of themes readily available for purchase from independent graphic designers for a fraction of the cost of paying for a custom one. These designs looks professional and are highly customizable to fit your particular business needs.

Here are the categories of brochure templates listed within the marketplace:

Inside these categories, you'll find brochures geared for nearly all professions and business types. Examples include real estate, hotels, car rentals, travel, education, architecture, DJing, photography, spas, restaurants, gyms, construction, medical, and much more!

How Much Do These Brochure Templates Cost?

Depending on the template, you could spend as little as $1 all the way up to $55. Prices usually depend on the amount of detail put into the template and the reputation of the designer. Some brochure packs will be higher priced, but also come with extras such as matching business card or flyer templates. I recommend taking a look at the total sales and customer ratings before deciding on a template, but that isn't always a great indicator as some templates are very specific to a smaller niche therefore don't end up with as many sales.

Photo Credit: Andrea Balzano (Purchase link to template from featured image)