How To Save Money On Straight Talk’s Unlimited* Monthly Service Plan Costs

Straight Talk's no-contract plans offer some of the best value on the dollar in today's wireless market. Many consumers have ditched their traditional contract plans and made the transition to Straight Talk although there is a hidden secret most people don't realize about their “Unlimited*” billing system.


The standard rate for their Unlimited* plan is $45 per month which includes 30 days of “unlimited” service however, you can lower this number by pre-paying for several months at a time. For example, Straight Talk sells refill cards for their Unlimited* service on their website in 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages. If you opt for any refill card that is greater than 1-month then you'll automatically be lowering your monthly bill for those months. While it isn't a drastic difference in price, saving money in today's economic climate is always a winner in my book.

Here is the math behind the potential savings you can take advantage of:

Now in the grand scheme of things, some of you may not want to put up all this cash ahead of time in order to get a discount which is completely understandable. Although to some of you, this may be enough incentive to take action. After all, the 12-month card would save you $45 annually which is equal to a standard 1-month refill card. This means prepaying for a year will give you 12 months of service for the price of only 11 months at the standard rate.