How To Save Your iPhone Or Mobile Device From Water Damage

Mobile devices such as iPhones and other smartphones have taken a huge role in our daily lives and are often kept on us 24/7. This increases the chance that our expensive devices can accidentally drop or fall into a rain puddle, snow pile, pool, toilet, or various other way of becoming engulfed with water. This is a worst case scenario, but what you do AFTER your device has become wet will determine whether the device is salvageable or not.

How To Save Your iPhone Or Mobile Device From Water Damage

Step 1: Remove the device from the water source as quickly as possible

This is a no brainer, but the quicker you get the device out of the water source, the less likely the water will make it all the way in the internals of your device.

Step 2: Immediately remove the sim card & battery (if you are able to access it)

This is not possible with the Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone. Do NOT attempt to power the device on for any reason. I know it is extremely tempting to turn the device on to see if it still functions, but doing so will likely short circuit your device which will fry the internals and cause MORE damage. Once you're internals are fried, your device will become an expensive paperweight.

Step 3: Dry the device off as best you can

The longer the phone stays wet, the more likely it will start to corrode. Use a towel or some form of cloth to remove as much excess water as possible. If the cloth isn't cutting it, try blowing the water off use a can of compressed air (keyboard cleaner) to blow the water off your phone. You can also try to use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up existing water particles. DO NOT use a hair dryer as some people might suggest using one, but it is too hot for this purpose and not recommended.

Step 4: Soak Up remaining moisture

The best way to do this is to fully submerge the device in a bowl or plastic bag filled with uncooked white rice for a MINIMUM of 12 hours. Don't get antsy and take the phone out early, you want the phone to 12-48 hours fully covered in the rice to absorb as much moisture as possible.

Step 5: Remove phone from the rice and attempt to power on

If you are not successful then try step 4 for another 12-48 hour period.

What Can You Do To Prevent Future Situations Like This?

If you are someone who is around water on a consistent basis for your job or hobby (or just plain clumsy) and own an iOS device, I HIGHLY suggest you invest in a waterproof case like LifeProof offers. Be sure to order your case from the actual LifeProof website as their cases are often faked and sold on retailers like Amazon or eBay as genuine LifeProof cases. These counterfeit cases DO NOT have the same quality and testing to ensure waterproof functionality so you will still be at risk plus you'll be getting ripped off in the process. Investing in a case like this will save you from future headaches regarding possible water damage as well as keep your phone in excellent condition regardless of future scratches, drops, or falls it may take as it provides fully 360 protection.

Photo Credit: Wesley Lelieveld

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