How To Remove Bloatware Or Pre-Installed Software From Your New Windows PC

Buying a new Windows computer is always an exciting experience, but sometimes it can be a real pain as you may experience your new PC becoming bogged down by bloatware.

What is bloatware you may be wondering? Wikipedia describes it as the following:

Bloatware is also commonly used to refer to preinstalled software on a device, usually included by the hardware manufacturer, that is mostly unwanted by the purchaser. This may account for up to 45% of pre-installed software on a new device

Another more humorous term describing bloatware is craplets, which is defined below:

Just what are craplets? It's a cute nickname for all of the software an OEM installs on your new Windows PC before it arrives on your doorstep. Think: 2 or 3 ISP sign-up applications, instant messengers out the wazoo, and software for updating all of this software. And a lot more.

This is a very common practice that PC manufacturers will execute on their new PCs and I have just experienced it first hand with the a new Toshiba Satellite laptop a family member had purchased.

Common types of bloatware include:

  • MS Office trials
  • Instant messengers
  • Email clients
  • Anti-virus trials
  • DVD burning software trials
  • Internet service provider promotions
  • Wild-tangent games

Now, you're probably realizing how annoying bloatware is and likely have seen or used a new Windows machine that has come loaded with it. Here is what you should do to deal with the issue and remove all the unnecessary junk software from your new PC to speed it up and declutter your desktop from all the promotional junk.

There is a piece of software out on the market called PC Decrapifier and it is free for individual use. What this software does is utilize a simple-to-use wizard that will scan your PC for well-known bloatware and notify you of which are present on your new computer. You then have the option to choose which pieces of bloatware you want to remove so software can go through and remove them. PC Decrapifier works on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8.

Personally, I have used PC Decrapifier on several occasions and though it has missed a pieces of bloatware here and there, my overall experience has been positive. I would recommend any new PC owner who is experiencing loads of pre-installed software on their new PC should try this free solution for themselves.

Photo Credit: Flickr