How To Keep Your Facebook Profile From Showing Up In Search Engine Results

Nowadays, everyone and their mother has a Facebook profile (quite literally). Since you can learn a lot about someone just by viewing their Facebook, it makes sense for some to wish to keep it private and away from a stranger's reach. This can be done in a multitude of ways, but the easiest is to remove your profile from coming up in search engine results. If your profile is fairly new, chances are search engines have not indexed it yet so it will not show up in search engine results in the future if the following process is completed properly. However, if it is already indexed by search engines, the process below will tell these engines it does not wish to be indexed in the future. It can take a long time (2-3 months in some cases) for this request to be honored and your profile be removed from their results so be patient.

How To Keep Your Facebook From Appearing In Search Engines

Step #1: Log into your Facebook account

step 1

Step #2: Click on the “gear” icon at the top right

step 2

Step #3: On the drop-down menu, click on ‘Privacy Settings'

step 3

Step #4: Under ‘Who Can Look Me Up?' find where it says “Do you want search engines to link to your timeline?” and click on ‘edit'

step 4

Step #5: Locate the checkbox that says ‘Let other search engines link to your timeline' and uncheck it

step 5

Step #6: Click ‘Confirm' on the confirmation pop-up

step 6

Step #7: Verify the checkbox is no longer filled in

step 7

You have now told search engines to stop indexing your profile and they will no longer include it within future results!

Photo Credit: Franco Bouly