How To Keep Accidental iOS In-App Purchases From Happening

With so many iOS applications found in the App Store, it is common for development companies to offer their apps for free and make their money from in-app purchases. There is a great deal of controversy regarding these in-app purchases as it is very easy to accidentally buy them without any intention of doing so. Another huge issue is with families who share an iOS device with multiple family members. A recent news story touched on this issue in a situation where a 5-year-old child managed to ring up over $2,500 worth of unauthorized in-app purchases on his father's iPad. In this particular situation, Apple has not refunded the money and the parents are in the process of figuring out how to relieve the situation. To ensure that you are never victim to a situation similar to this, you can follow the tutorial below to successfully disable future in-app purchases on your iOS device.

IMG_0858How To Disable In-App Purchases From Your iOS Device

Step #1: Click on the ‘Settings' icon

Step #2: Click the ‘General' settings tab

Step #3: Scroll down and enable the ‘Restrictions' tab (if you haven't already)

Step #4: If you haven't enabled Restrictions before it will prompt you to put in a four digit passcode

Step #5: In the restrictions menu, scroll down and disable the ‘In-App Purchases' tab

If you've followed the above steps correctly then you have successfully disabled in-app purchases on your iOS device. You now have no need to worry about making future accidental purchases!