How To Easily Find Out What WordPress Theme A Site Is Using

Have you ever visited a WordPress website and wondered what theme the site is using? It has happened to me before and it isn't always easy to determine which theme is being used. If you're an advanced web design junkie, you can likely dig into the site's source code yourself and find out. However, for most of us this is far too confusing and time consuming. This is why a website called What WordPress Theme Is That was developed.


By utilizing the simple search feature, you can quickly and easily determine what WordPress theme is being used on the particular website just by typing in the desired URL and clicking ‘check site'. If the site you entered is indeed a WordPress site, it will then display details like the theme's name, homepage, description, author, author homepage, version, license, and an example screenshot.

Another neat feature of this website, is that it will also tell you any WordPress plugins that are detected on the domain you lookup. Though this isn't the most accurate method (it only shows a few plugins we use), it does allow you to view any plugins that it is able to detect.

You can take advantage of this easy to use WordPress theme lookup tool by visiting and give it a try for yourself, completely free of charge.