7 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For The Photography Enthusiast In Your Life


1. Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens For The iPhone

The Olloclip is a neat accessory for iPhone owners that will allow them to take their photos to the next level. By simply attaching the Olloclip the corner of the device, you gain access to a multitude off different lenses including a macro, wide-angle, and fisheye. There are different variants of Olloclips and they make models designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4s or the iPhone 5/5s (4-in-1 instead of 3-in-1). This product is ideal for Instagram addicts or those who like to shoot family photos with their iPhone!
Price: $55.99 – $109.99 (price depends on retailer and model)


2. Adobe Lightroom 5

Anyone serious about photography or just wanting to take their recreational photography to the next level should have a copy of Adobe Lightroom 5. With Lightroom 5, you have the ability to tinker with your photo's attributes, organize photo sets, add watermarks, and much more. This is considered the “go-to” software for most amateur and professional photographers alike, but doesn't come with an unreasonable price tag.
Price: $95-$149 (price depends on retailer)


3. LensPen DSLR Pro Cleaning Kit

This is an affordable gift that is suitable for any DSLR owner as it provides an easy and effective way to keep your camera gear in clean and working order. The DSLR Pro Kit includes three different LensPens including a MicroPro (used for viewfinder), FilterKlear (used on filters), and the popular LensPen (used for standard lenses). We previously reviewed the LensPen DSLR Pro Kit and found it to be a solid all around product that we truly believe every DSLR owner should own.
Price: $15.95 via Amazon


4. BorrowLenses.com Membership

If your friend or family member is an avid photographer whom shoots a lot of family functions, events, weddings, etc. then they might seriously benefit from a membership to BorrowLenses.com. Priced at $99/year, a one year membership entitles members to a free t-shirt, free cancellations, increased levels of rental availability, and an automatic 10% off all rental hours places/shipped within the membership period. This is a great way for photographers to get a chance to “borrow” things like camera bodies, lenses, tripods, flashes, lighting, etc. for a set period of time without needing to spend a fortune buying the item(s).
Price: $99/year

5. ApeCase Camera Backpack

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.31.33 AM

Let's face it, photography is not a cheap hobby to get involved in and the prices of most consumer models start in the high hundreds and can sometimes even run several thousands of dollars. By purchasing a quality protective case like the ones ApeCase offers, you gain the piece of mind that your camera gear is safe from harm's way and is easily portable thanks to the backpack style design.
Price: $75 – $200 (price depends on retailer and model)

6. CowboyStudio Photo/Video Lighting Kit

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.46.51 AM
Ask any seasoned photographer and they will agree that proper lighting can make or break a photo shoot or particular shot. By investing in a lighting kit like the made by CowboyStudio (shown above) can make a world of difference in future photos. While these inexpensive option is likely not suitable for professional use, it can come in handy for entry-level photographers who are planning to shoot indoors and want an easy way to improve their photos especially when dealing with portraits.
Price: $59.99 via Amazon

7. NIX XO8D Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame


This item is the #1 selling digital photo frame on all of Amazon and features a high-res 800 x 600 IPS LED screen and motion sensor technology which only turns the frame on when you are near and going into a low-power state when you are not thus saving energy. The frame is capable of displaying photos, videos, or mp3s and has advanced features like auto rotating sensors and split screen image options.
Price: $59.99 via Amazon