Google Showcases Future Google Glass User Interface

Detailed information on the much anticipated Google Glass product has been scarce until today. The team at Google has launched a very interesting video (via Youtube) showcasing the Google Glass user interface being used in real life situations. Such situations depict the glasses being able to take still images, record video, video chat via a Google+ hangout, give you on the fly translations, search the web for information or photos, and even give you real-time GPS directions. The technology is revolutionary in terms of what we currently are using. The Google Glass users are able to access all the showcased features while remaining hands-free and simply using voice commands.

Google has also announced that they will be handing out Google Glass units to non-developers. In order to be eligible to get your own pair for testing you must apply by using the hashtag #ifihadglass on Twitter or Google+ explaining in 50 words or less why you should get a chance to use Google Glass. The deadline is February 27th and the total number of Google Glass units up for grabs is currently unknown. This sounds like a generous move on Google's part, but there is a pretty huge catch. The people who are chosen to receive the sample Google Glass units will still be required to pay a whooping price of $1,500 plus taxes in order to receive the product. Stay tuned for more information on the Google Glass product line as it becomes unveiled.

Source: TechCrunch, Google