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Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse? Here’s Our Top 5 (2017)

Finding the best left-handed gaming mouse is a search that isn't common as only 10% of the population falls within the left-handed category, but it's a struggle for those of us who use the opposite hand when PC gaming. The PC gaming world is becoming increasingly popular as console sales are on a decline and more popular titles such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are launching exclusively on PC. Beyond the necessary internal hardware and components needed for PC gaming, using quality peripherals makes the experience that much better. However, this can be a problem for left-handed gamers in a market...

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Video Game Gift Guide – Holiday 2016 Edition

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we know how difficult it can be to purchase a gift for your spouse, family or friend who are interested video games if you are not. In the article below, I'll share the “hottest” products in the gaming scene for the 2016 holiday season and give general suggestions for those who have no idea what gift to buy a gamer for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other celebrated holiday. The list is in descending order by price, and I've included the current sales price (as of the time this guide was written) of...

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The Best Master Skins In ‘Heroes Of The Storm’ (HOTS)

Blizzard has done a great job with their work on the free-to-play MOBA, Heroes Of The Storm.  The game is rather addicting thanks to its frequent updates (new maps, heroes and talent changes), skill-based ranking system and objectives (daily challenges, unlockable master skins/portraits). One of my favorite things to do in the game is rank up each character to learn their individual strengths and weaknesses then collect the coolest master skins. Master skins are fun to show off and a good portion of them end up the best skin in the game for that particular character, even better than the...

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10 Tips For Playing ‘The Lost Vikings’ In ‘Heroes Of The Storm’

If you're a fan of Blizzard's awesome free-to-play MOBA called Heroes of the Storm then you are probably familiar with one of the most unique characters' The Lost Vikings. While they are not seen as regularly as most other heroes within a quick match or the ranked formats, these characters happen to have the highest win rate of any hero currently in the game and can be incredibly powerful under the right circumstances. As someone who has loved playing the Vikings and would consider them one of my “main” heroes that I excel with. When played as they were...

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COD Ghosts Extinction Mode – Easter Egg “Golden Aliens” Tutorial (Video)

A unique easter egg has been found within the Call Of Duty Ghosts video game when playing in Extinction mode. YouTuber “Ali-A” was the first to introduce the easter egg to the gaming community via the YouTube video embedded above. By unlocking this easter egg you gain a temporary ability that causes small golden alien dolls to explode from within every alien corpse that you and your teammates kill. Sure, it isn't as cool as previous easter eggs found within the zombie modes of earlier COD titles, but is a neat little extra that the Ghosts developers threw in...

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How To Unlock The ‘Extinction’ Survival Mode In Call Of Duty Ghosts

As you probably already know, Infinity Ward chose to not include the traditional zombie mode in their latest development of Call Of Duty Ghosts. However, they made up for this with a fun-filled alien survival challenge called ‘Extinction' which like zombies, can be played with up to 3 other players. Now the big issue with ‘Extinction' is that it is not unlocked right away and most people don't know what they have to do to unlock it. There are actually two ways you can go about unlocking the mode and each of them are easy to accomplish: Method #1: Play the...

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How To Get A Free Nissan GTR (Elergy RH8) In GTA V Online

GTA Online has finally got the majority of the bugs worked out and players from around the globe are able to race around the open-world environment in cars, bikes, boats, or planes as they see fit. Now, I see many complaints on the online forums and message boards from players who can't seem to find a fast vehicle to make their personal car mainly due to the limitations set by Rockstar on the high-end luxury models whom handle the best. Luckily, Rockstar had rewarded every player who signs up for their Social Club with a free Elergy RH8 which...

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3 Ways To Stream Live TV And Access On-Demand TV Shows Via Xbox Live

While Xbox Live was traditionally designed for use with video games, it also has the power to do much more including the ability to stream live TV and provide access to on-demand TV shows via 3rd party applications. There are three major service providers whom have released a native Xbox Live application for their customers in which I will go into more detail about below. Keep in mind, you must have a valid Xbox Live Gold subscription and an active subscription to one of the following services in order to use these streaming TV apps mentioned below. Time Warner...

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8 Great Video Game Titles That Promote Stealth GamePlay

Splintercell: Blacklist Blacklist is one of the newest stealth titles to hit the video game scene, but also one of the best. Featuring an extensive single-player, wide range of co-op missions, and an extremely fun online component, Blacklist is a refreshingly refined 3rd person shooter that captures the essence of being a stealthy spy. Thief 3: Deadly Shadows The Thief series has gained quite a reputation over the years and rightfully so thanks to their excellent stealth mechanics and addicting gameplay. In this title, you play as the main character Garret whom is a master thief trying to rid...

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