Fix A Photo’s Perspective Using Photoshop CC’s New Perspective Warp Tool

As an amateur real-estate photographer, I always put a large emphasis on properly framing my photo and getting the right perspective to make my life easier in the post-processing stage.

Depending on the circumstances, I'll admit this does not always go according to plan and sometimes I am left with a photo in which perspective just doesn't look right. To make matters worse, this is often made even more awkward due to visible distortion made by the use of a wide-angle lens.

Here is a great example of a shot that I took recently in a real estate shoot that fell into this awkward angle category and as you can see there is noticeable distortion on the right side of the house.

Perspective Warp Before resized

This can be fixed in post using a variety of methods, but I chose to use Adobe's new Perspective Warp tool found in Photoshop CC as it is perfect for this type of scenario. The tool is user-friendly and offers you the ability to alter the perspective of the photo without degrading its properties or noticeably “stretching” the photo's contents (this requires an incredible algorithm that makes my head spin just thinking about it).

I'm not going to go into great detail about how you actually use the tool (I've embedded a tutorial that I learned from near the end of this article) although I will explain it briefly. To utilize the tool, you “box” out your subject's current perspective and then use these boxes to adjust it to your liking.


It can be tricky to know where to set up these boxes the first time around, but it shouldn't take long to get the hang of it. Each corner of the box has an active point that can be independently dragged and manipulated.

Here is the final result after doing some quick tweaking using the Perspective Warp tool:

Perspective Warp After resized

Here's a direct comparison between the two images:


For a quick step-by-step tutorial and another example of how to properly utilize the Photoshop CC's Perspective Wrap tool, check out this embedded video: