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How To Legally Watch Rick And Morty Online (TV Show)

Our staff have spend hours researching for the best legal and safe ways to watch Rick and Morty online (the television show) and ultimately decided Hulu is the best solution to start the series from the beginning (season 1 episode 1) or to catch up where ever you may have left off during the first two seasons.For anyone that is outside of the United States, Hulu will not work in your country and you have two options. Depending on your region, Netflix may offer Rick and Morty within their streaming library (not in the US), so we recommend checking if it...

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How To Legally Watch Friends Online (TV Show)

Our team has scoured the web to find the best legal ways to watch Friends online, and we have decided that Netflix is the ideal option for viewing the entirety (season 1 through season 10) of this classic television series.For some of our readers, you are located outside of the United States and cannot stream Friends due to the content being region blocked in your area. Fortunately, you can sign up with NordVPN to spoof your location to the US (a loophole that is legal) which will allow you to be able to access all the episodes of Friends...

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How To Set Up & Use Amazon’s Alexa Voice Commmands With DISH

If you are a customer of DISH, you can now integrate with an Amazon Echo and issue hands-free Alexa DISH commands. In this article, we will show you exactly how to link these two services, which Alexa and DISH devices are compatible and some useful commands you can use to control your TV with Alexa.Beware that all product/service links are affiliated and DISH has sponsored this post opportunity. However, any of our thoughts and opinions that are expressed within this article remain our own.RELATED: 10 Advantages Of DISH Over The Cable/Satellite CompetitionSince I got my DISH service installed last...

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Q&A: What Are The Best Earbuds Under $100?

Upon researching and comparing dozens of cheap in-ear headphones, we ultimately determined the best earbuds under $100 are Audio-Technica's ATH-CKS990iS. We chose this model due to the sleek design, excellent performance and multitude of features for the price. Coming in a close second was Sony's H500A H.Ear in 2 headphones which tout similar features and slightly smaller drivers for around the same price. Lastly, for those looking to spend as little as possible while still in this budget, we believe Bose's SoundTrue Ultra model is best suited for you.To learn more about each of these models as well as three...

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Q&A: What Is The Best 70 Inch 4K TV?

If you are looking for the best 70 inch 4K TV model then we recommend VIZIO's M70-E3 which retails for $1,998.00 from B&H Photo. We chose this television based on its pricing, feature set and overall performance.However, if you have the flexibility of choosing a slightly smaller or larger sized screen, you'll find more overall "bang for your buck" in the 65 inch or 75 inch models (scroll down for our alternate recommendations).  Editor's ChoiceVIZIO M70-E3The best overall model in the 70-inch 4K TV market offering excellent specs and value for the price.VIZIO continues to deliver competitive TV models...

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10 Advantages Of DISH Over The Cable/Satellite Competition

In a world that has become heavily based on multimedia, there is fierce competition between content providers to attract paying customers. The benefit of competition for consumers is that it ultimately forces services to offer better features at more attractive prices. The cable and satellite world is an excellent example of this competitive market, and there are many different providers to pick from which can ultimately fit your desired needs and budget. In the following article, I am going to cover ten significant competitive advantages of DISH’s satellite services and explain why these benefits are worth considering during your...

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