Data Leak Shows Vulnerability Of Time Warner Cable Customer Information

While Kromtech is a company most known for their controversial MacKeeper security software for Apple computers, their security team has just unveiled a massive data leak from BroadSoft, Inc. a company associated with several large corporations including Time Warner Cable. This news follows a similar data leak discovery from Kromtech just a few months back involving the World Wrestling Entertainment.

The leak was discovered when two of BroadSoft's AWS S3 buckets which offered public access to over 600GB of user data belonging to Time Warner Cable customers. More specifically, this data was dumped from users of the MyTWC mobile app dating all the way back to November of 2010.

Fortunately, so far there does not seem to be any indication that sensitive financial information like credit card numbers or social security numbers were exposed. However, the files did contain usernames, emails, MAC addresses, serial numbers, billing addresses and financial transaction amounts.

Since the leak has been brought to light, BroadSoft has come out saying they have locked down the Amazon data and has determined there was no evidence of wrongful access by intruders. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that any potential TWC customers reset their username and passwords as a precaution against unauthorized access.

Via: Gizmodo
Source: Kromtech Security Center
Featured Image Credit: Carbon Arc/Flickr