Corsair Announces Vengeance K70 Gaming Keyboard

The popular computer hardware and accessories company Corsair, has released their latest addition to their line of Vengeance gaming keyboards. The keyboard is called the ‘K70' and is priced at $130 which is more affordable that their more high end ‘K90' model ($150 price tag) that was released at this year's CES. The K70 is designed with a gaming intention in mind so I'd bet Corsair did their homework and made sure they catered to the most important needs of gamers.

The keyboard is fully mechanical and they used Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches to accomplish this. It is made with an aluminum frame and features an elegant brushed aluminum chassis. The commonly used WASD and 1-6 keys are individually contoured and textured so you will be able to find them quickly at all times ensuring you never miss a mark accidentally.

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A feature I found particularly interesting is that using the native software you have the ability to setup custom backlights for individual keys of your choice. This would be useful if you wanted to enable backlights for all the keys you have binded to important tasks in a game and have the unused keys stay dark. Since the keyboard takes up a USB port for power, they also made up for this by providing a built-in USB port for use with a gaming mouse of headset.

You can get more details and sign up for email notification of the K70 retail launch right here.

Source: Engadget