Bring The Traditional Start Menu Option Back To Windows 8

Let's face is Windows 8 a heck of a lot different than it's predecessors and for the average user it can be really difficult to get accustomed to. Once of the biggest issues people are having is the removal of the same start menu that has been embedded in the software for over a decade. Fortunately for us, the company Stardock has answered consumer's prayers and created an aftermarket software that once installed gives us back the Windows 7 Start Menu as well as some other great Windows 7 functions.

You can get an idea of exactly what the software does in the embedded video above. I personally use Start8 on my desktop and it has made a world of difference in my comfort level while using Windows 8. To make it even more appealing, Start8 is available for a free 30 day trial through this link and after that time is completed there is only a one time $4.99 fee for a full license.

Photo Credit: Dell's Official Flickr Page