The Best Ways To Sell Your Old Or Unwanted iPad Online

Now that the iPad Air has been released with a whole new design, many owners of previous generation models are taking the opportunity to upgrade to the latest Apple tablet. If you are one of these people who replace your existing iPad with the new Air, you may be wondering what you should do with your old one?

Of course, you could keep it for miscellaneous uses (further article on this topic coming soon) or you can choose to trade or sell it through one of the online services listed below. Depending on which generation iPad you have and the current condition it is in, you will be able to sell/trade the device in exchange for cash or store credit.


You've probably seen the commercials for Gazelle on TV and they are a legitimate company who offer competitive prices for used Apple devices. They are currently buying 1st-4th generation iPads and 1st generation iPad minis. Their prices are updated regularly to stay competitive and adapt to the changing market conditions, but are often higher than similar companies who buy used devices. If I were looking to sell an old iPad this is the first place I'd look.


uSell is another popular option which also pushes their service heavily via TV commercials. Their service works by bringing you top offers from hundreds of professional device buyers and help compare these buyers to find the best rate. They don't charge any fees, give you a pre-paid shipping kit, and payments can be made via Paypal or a check. uSell is another top option to consider when getting rid of an old iPad or iOS device.


If you search your iPad model on Amazon and visit a sale listing for the same model, you'll find a small box on the right sidebar that says “Sell Us Your Item”. Within this box, it will tell you the current price Amazon will buy your used iPad for and allow you to trade it in for an Amazon gift card of that amount. This is most beneficial to frequent Amazon shoppers and can often give you an excellent price for your used device.


eBay is an option that most people choose when selling their old iPads and rightfully so since it often gets the highest prices. However, it involves more of a hassle as you need to register and create your own eBay/PayPal accounts (if you don't already have them) and take a risk of dealing with an unruly buyer which result in a huge headache.


Trading your iPad in back to its original manufacturer is also a solid choice as Apple states they will fin efficient and environment-friendly ways to reuse or recycle your old devices. However, these prices are traditionally lower than the other options listed above and they only offer Apple Store Gift Cards in exchange for your device.

Photo Credit: Kominyetska