Five Of The Best Sit/Stand Desks Priced Under $1500


Ikea Bekant Sit/Stand Desk ($489-$599)

The most affordable option within this list comes from none other than Ikea. They have been selling the standard Bekant desks for quite some time yet the Sit/Stand version has only been on the market as of recent. Mechanically, the sit/stand adjustments are done electronically which saves you the hassle of manual adjustments. At $489, the base model follows a typical rectangular table top although you can pay an additional amount for a corner desk variant. When purchasing you can choose from four different top finishes and either black or white legs. What's the catch? You'll want to find this desk at your local Ikea store since shipping is extremely steep (I was quoted a $249 flat rate).


Stand Desk ($508.99+)

The Stand Desk started off as a KickStarter campaign that touted the product as the “most affordable sit/stand desk” on the market although this has now been surpassed by Ikea's lower-priced offering. Similar to the UPLIFT model below, you can buy just the legs for a discounted rate of $399 and provide your own top should you have one lying around. If you choose to buy a top from them, the base $508.99 price includes your choice of a black or white laminate top and there are two different Bamboo finishes available for an additional cost.


UPLIFT 900 Sit-Stand Ergonomic Desk ($699+)

Moving up in price, the UPLIFT 900 is a sit-stand option that is highly customizable and also features an electronic motor for adjusting desk height. If you already happen to have a spare desktop lying around you can pick up the leg assembly by itself for $469 or you can get the full package for $699 while adding optional extras for an additional cost. This model is highly rated and offers a optional 12-year warranty for $150, something I'd recommend dishing out for should wish to make sure your UPLIFT 900 purchase lasts for the next decade.


NextDesk Solo Plus ($997+)

The NextDesk Solo Plus is the ideal choice for someone who doesn't need a lot of desk space or wishes to use a sit/stand desk in an area with minimal room. There is a choice of three different bamboo finishes and black, white, or silver legs. Personally, I'd probably go with one of the cheaper options that offers more desk space, but this may be the right fit for someone out there's needs!


NextDesk Terra ($1,497+)

The NextDesk Terra sits at the top of this article's budget coming in just under $1,500 for the base model. With that being said, these desks are the “Cadillac” of the sit/stand desk market thus offering a lot of high quality materials, features and function. You can customize nearly every aspect including the leg finish, desktop texture/color, add monitor arms, power management accessories and even have a Harmon Kardon integrated within the unit. If money has no bounds in your life, the NextDesk Terra or one of their more premium models is likely the right choice for you.