The Best Rugged Cases For Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX tablet has been a hit with many consumers due to its competitive technical specifications and lower price-point. If you fall under this category and are looking to buy a rugged style case for your Kindle Fire HDX tablet then this article should help point you in the right direction. There is a much more limited selection when compared to a more popular tablet like the iPad, but the cases mentioned below should get the job done nicely.


OtterBox Defender Standing Case

OtterBox is known for crafting their rugged cases for a variety of handheld devices. They released their Defender Series for the Kindle Fire HDX in late October and it has been met with great success. This model features 3 layers of protection to protect against the bumps or drops your tablet may endure. Additionally, you are able to still access all ports/buttons and the HDX's speakers are unaffected while the case is equipped. I've owned multiple Defender Series cases for my iOS devices and have always been pleased with the quality and design efforts coming from OtterBox.
Price: $69.95 (7″ Model), $79.95 (8.9″ Model)


Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case

The Atlas waterproof case by Incipio is the most rugged model on the market for the Kindle Fire HDX. It features multiple layers of protection against damage, dirt, and even water. Yes, this case is fully waterproof up to 6 feet and it still manages to look very sleek considering the advanced features. The Atlas is constructed used a Rigid Plextonium  combined with Flex20 impact resistant TPU material for maximum protection without adding too much bulk.
Price: $99.99 (7″ Model), $99.99 (8.9″ Model)


i-Blason ArmorBox 2 Kickstand Case

The ArmorBox 2 is made by a lesser-known company called i-Blason. This is the cheapest model included on this list so the build quality likely isn't as solid as its higher-priced competitors, but it is still a solid option for HDX owners who are on a budget. With a built-in screen protection, integrated kickstand and 3-piece design, the ArmorBox 2 offers some real bang for your buck and has gotten excellent reviews from Amazon customers. It is important to note, this case is currently only being offered for the 7″ HDX model and there is no 8.9″ version at this time (this may change in the future).
Price: $29.95 (7″ Model)