The Best Aftermarket Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases With Built-In Batteries

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has only been out for a few months now, but has already gained immense popularity among consumers and earned a steady share in the smartphone market. For some people, the standard battery's lifespan is now adequate for their needs therefore a few companies have launched their own line of extended-battery cases for the new Galaxy S4 model to improve performance and provide extra juice when you really need it.

Since the S4 is so new, there isn't nearly as many choices as the more popular iPhone 5, but over time I'm sure gap will narrow as more companies turn their focus to accessories for the S4. I have done my research and found the two most popular and well-rated extended-battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which I have listed below for your convenience!

Screen-Shot-2013-08-11-at-8.20.30-PMMaxboost Atomic

Maxboost is a reputable company that had been in the aftermarket battery case market for quite a long time (their main focus is iPhone cases). This case includes a fully protective hard shell without adding too much of a bulk to your existing Galaxy S4. Inside you'll find an integrated 2000mAh battery (rated for more than 500 recharge cycles) that is advertised to add up to 7 hours of talk-time and 8 hours of web-browsing time. The case features a Micro-USB port which can simultaneously charge your smartphone and the Atomic battery case using the original S4 data cable. The case offers features like a charging switch, LED battery level indicator, headphone jack cutout, and function button cutouts.


i-Blason PowerGlider

The i-Blason PowerGlider is a fully protective Galaxy S4 case that includes a built-in 2000mAh extended battery. A full charge of the case's integrated battery is said to provide 65% of the standard Galaxy S4's internal battery. As expected, this case provides access to all the necessary functions, controls, speakers, and cameras without interrupting any of your standard S4 functions. There is an on/off power switch for choosing when to use the case's extra power and an LED indicator to tell you how much juice is left in the case. Another neat feature is a built-in tab that swings out to act as a “kickstand” for browsing in landscape mode.

Photo Credit: Shaun Osborne