Five Of The Best 4K UHD Monitors Priced Under $600

As you likely already know, 4K is quickly approaching the new standard for video world in regards of TV, film, and the web. While we are likely years away from a mass adoption of the higher resolution, there are many display manufacturers already selling 4K UHD monitors and televisions to early adopters.

In the following article, I'll offer five different 4K display options that are relatively affordable (priced under $600) while maintaining high performance and value for the dollar. Keep in mind, the prices shown next to each model were taken from Amazon at the time this article was written and are subject to changes.
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Acer B286HK – $441

Coming in at the lowest price-point within this article is Acer's B286HK. As expected, this model is capable of 4K UHD at 60Hz and boasts an 100% sRGB color gamut. The stand is adjustable and the back of the display offers VESA mounting should you wish to use an external support system. All-in-all, this will give you the best bang for your buck if you want to get a 4K display without spending over $450.

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Philips 288P6LJEB – $450

The 288P6LJEB by Philips stands up to the competition with the full UHD resolution at 60Hz. With this model, you get both landscape and portrait viewing modes as well as a high-adjustable base. As you'd expect the panel is a TN yet the 1ms response time is will offer fast-paced performance with limited ghosting. Cosmetically, the Philips is one of the most appealing designs that you'll find in this price-range.

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Samsung U28D590D – $519

Samsung's U28D590D is arguably the sleekest 4K UHD model in this price range thanks to its metallic T-shaped stand. Internally, it has a very similar TN panel to its competitors so you won't get the best color quality or viewing angles. My largest issue with this model is that the stand is appealing although it is not adjustable which can be a problem for some users.


AOC U2868PQU – $540

AOC's U2868PQU offers a 28″ display with a resolution of 4K UHD at 60Hz and a fast 1ms response rate, ideal for gaming. It is a TN panel so you won't get the best viewing angles or color accuracy, but this is common for a UHD monitor in this price-range. Unlike some competitors, this model offers a fully adjustable stand that supports both portrait and landscape viewing. Ports include a DVI with HDCP, an HDMI (MHL), Displayport, and four USB ports (2.0 and 3.0).

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ASUS PB287Q – $580

ASUS is well-known for their various monitor lines and the PB287Q is their affordable 4K UHD option. It has more of a bland, business-oriented look to it than some competitors, but its performance is satisfying at this price-point. I actually use this monitor daily for my own workstation so I'm vastly experienced with it and would surely recommend it to any prospective buyers. Those interested should make sure to check out my full review.