6 Of The Best iPhone And iPad Apps For Filmmaking

Are you an inspiring or professional filmmaker? If so, you should take advantage of some of the great film-related apps that are available for your iOS device.

ipad imovieVideo Editing – iMovie

Compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, iMovie is an excellent way to edit video while on the go. I personally prefer using the iMovie app on an iPad over an iPhone due to the increased screen size, but either way this app is powerful if used correctly.  It has all the basic editing options, tweaks, and settings, but don't expect advanced features that you would find within Final Cut or Premiere. Click here to read our full review.



movielooksColor Correction – Movie Looks HD

Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. From Red Giant Software, the makers of the popular Magic Bullet Suite. This app allows you to input your footage and color correct it based on 40 different presets including the popular Blockbuster effect. You can also tweak each present to your liking in order to get the best outcome.





youtube captureRecording, Editing & Uploading – YouTube Capture

The YouTube Capture app allows for recording in HD. Once your done recording you can make editing adjustments such as color correction, clip trimming, stabilization, and add musical tracks right through the app. Lastly, you have the ability to push a button and instantly upload the videos (up to 1080P) to YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

movieslateClapperboard & Shot Log – MovieSlate

The MovieSlate app is seen in Apple's iPad TV commercials and is commonly used in the filmmaking industry. You can use it as a digital slate, to set the timecode, to sync the timecode, as a clapperboard, and also can used it to track your shot log history. The app works on both the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

storyboard composerStoryboard – Storyboard Composer

If you're looking to create storyboards quickly and easily then Storyboard Composer is perfect for you. You can take photos on location and add markups like dolly, track, zoom, and pan movements. If you don't have your actors with you, you can even add stand ins!



proprompterTeleprompter – ProPrompter

Compatible with  iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Developed by professional teleprompter company Bodelin Technologies and allows you to use your iOS device as a smooth scrolling teleprompter. The scrolling is smooth and includes on the fly adjustment.



Photo Credit: Mark Kortum

  • Check out DuoVid, its an app that plays two videos at once.
    Comparison is a powerful tool, use the app to compare videos from your phone or youtube.
    We created it for filmmakers and would love feedback on the product.

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