5 Rugged Cases Perfect For Protecting Your Expensive iPhone 5

Let's face it owning an iPhone is an expensive investment and keeping this device safe from the elements as well as the standard bumps, drops, scratches, and falls that happen on a daily basis is no easy task. If you happen to be in a line of work involving manual labor then the risk of your precious phone receiving damage while on the job increases immensely. The solution to having the proper protection and gaining the piece of mind that your device is secure is to invest in a rugged iPhone case. I have done some research and highlighted five suitable options of rugged cases that iPhone 5 owners should take advantage of. Keep in mind these types of cases are often faked and sold for a cheaper price on sites like Amazon or eBay therefore I have verified that each link below is a genuine product.

lifeproofiphone5Option #1: LifeProof

The LifeProof case is one of the most popular iPhone cases on the market and has won a great deal of awards over the past years. It provides superior protection from the everyday wear and tear as well as advanced protection from water, dust, dirt, rain, mud, snow, and virtually any type of debris. The case features protection for both the front and back of your iPhone and is specially designed to be both waterproof and shockproof. Considering the protection this case harnesses, it still is thin and sleek unlike some of its competitors in the rugged market. You can read our review of the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4/4s right here.

griffinsurvivorOption #2: Griffin Survivor

The Griffin Survivor case is another excellent rugged option for iPhone owners who are looking for full protection over their device. It features a shatter resistant shell covered by a thick rubber skin that is shock absorbent. When handling the case, the outer skin gives it a grippy feel and helps keep you from making unnecessary drops in the future. The Survivor is not waterproof like the LifeProof, but it is more affordable with a retail price of under $50.

otterboxiphone5Option #3: OtterBox Defender

The OtterBox Defender series case for the iPhone 5 is one of my favorites and I personally own one myself. The case protects all side of your iPhone and even comes with a complimentary belt clip to keep your iPhone secured to your body without taking up valuable space in your pockets. The OtterBox comes in a multitude of colors to fit virtually anyone's style and is very well made. The case is shockproof so it will protect from accidental drops or falls, but unlike the LifeProof it is not waterproof so you should be careful when handling the phone around water. You can read our in-depth review of the OtterBox Defender case for the iPhone 5.

seidoconvertiphone5Option #4: Seidio Convert

The Convert combo includes the ultimate screen guard, Surface case, rugged skin & skeleton, and the Convert holster. It protects your iPhone's screen without the use of messy adhesives and can be used in two different ways. By just using the surface case you have sleek scratch resistent protection, but when you add the rugged skin and skeleton which fits directly over the Surface case you gain additional protection from accidental drops or falls. The ports and camera stay protected, but are still able to properly function.

ballisticiphone5Option #5: Ballistic Every1

This case is one of the lesser known options, but still is an excellent choice. It features advanced technology such as air gap suspension springs that surrounds your iPhone with 1mm of air meaning your phone never lays against a hard surface. It also has reinforced ballistic corners and a built in kickstand. Like the OtterBox Defender, it comes with a free holster with a belt clip perfect for someone who is on the go and wants to keep their iPhone secure and in place at all times. The case is stylish and available in a variety of different color combinations. The Ballistic text found on the back of the case looks very appealing and attractive.

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