5 Reasons Why I Am Spotify Premium Subscriber

#1 – Variety Of Songs

By signing up with Spotify, you gain access to a colossal database of over 20 million songs with over 20,000 new songs added each day. Sure, there is a few artists who haven't got up to speed on the times and refuse to have their music available for streaming on services like Spotify or Pandora, but this number is steadily growing smaller as more and more artists are converting to this new business model.

The vast array of song selection offered within Spotify gives me access to virtually any artist from any genre right at my fingertips. For example, my most popular playlist includes music from the likes of Jimmy Buffet, Deadmau5, Macklemore, Toby Keith, Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Lil Wayne, Matchbox Twenty, and Johnny Cash. Since I get to choose the songs to play (unlike Pandora), I can instantly access this wide diversity of music genres whenever I please.

#2 – Ease Of Use

I know some people out wouldn't consider themselves “tech savvy” and that is just fine! The great thing about Spotify is that their service is amazingly simple to use and the user interface is designed for users of all ages. Signing up and getting started with the service can be done in under 5 minutes. From there you are free to browse, play, and adding songs to your library as you wish. Navigating through the interface is a straight-forward process regardless of what platform you're on (see below).

#3 – Supported Platforms

Spotify Premium allows you to listen to your library of songs as well as access the radio and ‘discover' features on multiple platforms. These include:

Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

Mobile Devices:

  • All iOS devices
  • Select Android devices
  • Select Symbian devices
  • Select Windows devices
  • Select Blackberry devices

Hardware Partners

  • Boxee
  • Roku
  • Denon
  • Ford SYNC
  • Logitech
  • Marantz
  • Onkyo
  • Philips
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Sonos
  • Western Digital

#4 – Radio & Discover Features

Not sure what song you want to listen to or just tired of the same old playlist? Spotify gives you the ability to use an internet radio feature much like Pandora which allows you to create a station based on an artist or song. There are no advertisements and you can skip an unlimited amount of times.

The ‘discover' feature helps you find new artists and songs based on your current library and previously listened to songs. The more you use the service, the better the recommendations from Spotify become. I have personally found several new artists and songs that I listen to frequently using this ‘discover' feature.

#5 – Price & Convenience

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month equaling out to $119.88 for an annual subscription. Since I have never been a fan of purchasing songs individually for $0.99 a piece and never will do so, I knew Spotify Premium was the best legal option for me. From my point of view, $9.99/month for unlimited music streaming and ad-free internet radio is a steal. On an average day, I probably listen to 4-6 hours of Spotify music since I am streaming while working out, in my car, and at my desk working. No more syncing music to iTunes or worrying about updating my music library. If I hear a new song, I can instantly add it to my library and save it for replay later on. To me this convenience factor is well worth the $9.99/month especially since my music updates in real-time on all my devices.

Photo Credit: Björn Olsson
Source: Spotify