Five Reasons Why I Choose To Buy A Mac Computer Over A PC

One of the greatest debates of our generation is the battle of Mac vs. PC and I've seen people get in heated arguments over this topic on numerous occasions. For those of you who aren't familiar with this website or myself, I'm an avid Mac user and currently own a 15″ Retina Macbook Pro as well as a 27″ iMac. I've owned plenty of PCs in my day, but made the switch to a Mac during my freshman year of college.

The purpose of this article is to give you an educated response as to five reasons why I choose to buy and use a Mac computer over a PC. This means the following content is based purely on my opinions and personal reasoning. Some people may disagree with my thought process which is more than acceptable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well as their ability to make their own purchase decisions.

While I may be slightly biased as a Mac user, I have nothing against PCs and have actually worked for Dell and Lenovo as an in-home repair technician so I am by no means an anti-PC type person. I hope my reasonings listed below will help you decide between choosing a Mac or PC for your next computer purchase and open your eyes to some of the advantages that a Mac brings to the table.

Reason #1: Reliability

This is a huge reason I chose a Mac because I'm relying on the my computer on a everyday basis to run and maintain my business (this website). If my machine goes down for one reason or another, halt progress to this website and cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars. Ever since I switched to a Mac, I've dealt with considerably less day-to-day problems. Macs are built to be workhorses and I consider myself a power-user as I've pushed mine to the limit with consistently heavy use 5-7 hours a day for the past two years. It is still running as strong as the first day I bought it. Soluto, a PC troubleshooting service even rated the Macbook Pro as the “most reliable Windows laptop” according to a 2013 study.

By choosing a Mac, I'm immune to the infamous Windows blue screen of death and most viruses/malware only target PC users so I never need to worry. Another huge advantage of a Mac laptop is their battery lifespan since the newer models are rated for 1000+ charging cycles before experiencing any loss of battery performance. The vast majority of PC notebook batteries cannot match this type of quality or performance especially over the course of a few years and battery life is a huge factor for me when traveling or on the go.

Reason #2: Aesthetics & Build Quality

I love the look of the current line of Macbook Pro and iMac models. Apple puts an emphasis on making their new models sleeker and more compact. The unibody design is elegantly simple and the aluminum build material oozes luxury.

From the displays to the keyboard and touchpad, Apple puts an enormous amount of research and manpower into creating a product with superior craftsmanship in all aspects. The build quality of Apple's products are beyond any PC I've ever seen and that is why I am happy to pay the premium price.

Reason #3: Yearly OS Updates

While Windows pushes out minor security and bug updates on a regular basis, they only release a major OS update every 3-5 years. Apple on the other hand releases a major OS update on a much more frequent basis (every 12-15 months) which not only fixes bugs and security flaws, but also brings a boatload of new features for Mac users.

Apple's release of OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” was a perfect example of this as it was released just over a year after Mountain Lion and brought a whole array of new features including better iCloud integration, improved multi-display support, a new notification system, a unique “tagging” feature, and much more. Best of all, Apple made this OS update free for all Mac users which is something Microsoft will likely never do with Windows as license costs is their main revenue stream.

Reason #4: Warranty

A 1 year warranty is included with every new Apple computer purchase and you are also given the option to buy an AppleCare plan which extends your tech support and warranty plan by an additional 2 years. While the AppleCare plan is considered costly to some users, I'd rather pay $250-$350 to guarantee my $1200-$2500 computer will work for a three year period than spend that type of money and end up with a costly hardware issue 15 months into ownership.

While I don't advocate buying AppleCare on iOS devices, I have always bought AppleCare plans on my Mac computers and this has saved me a ton of money in the past since Apple's newer models are very difficult to repair on your own and OEM parts are extremely costly. If you live close enough to an Apple Store or authorized service provider, you can drop off your computer and it will get fixed free of charge (besides the cost of AppleCare). To sum it up, Apple's warranty and customer service trumps all PC manufacturers by a longshot. I know this from experience as I have witnessed the horror stories of these companies refusing to replace a faulty PC.

Reason #5: Resale Value

While this is something you tend to not think of when buying a new computer, it is something I always consider as I only keep my computer for 2-3 years then upgrade in order to keep an up-to-date machine. Since Apple products (especially computers) hold such a high resale value, I'm able to sold my outdated model and recoup much of my original investment to put towards a newer model.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, I paid just under $2400 for my 15″ base model Retina Macbook Pro with an upgraded 16GB of RAM back in June of 2012. If I were to sell this computer right now, I'd be able to get between $1325-$1881 judging from recent sold listings on eBay as of today. Considering this is only a loss of $519-$1075 or a depreciation or 22%-44% after a two year timespan in which I was able to enjoy and heavily use the product, I have no complaints and you'd likely never see this type of return had it been a PC. If I were to sell my 15″ Retina for $1500 tomorrow, I'd only need to spend another $650 (with tax) to get the current 15″ Retina model which is a bargain in my opinion.

Photo Credit: Carl Berkeley