4 Useful Alternatives To Google Analytics

Using an analytics software to track your website's progress, statistics, and overall effectiveness is extremely important for a serious website owner. One of the most popular analytics tracking software is Google Analytics because it is free and has become an industry standard, but there are many other options for those of you who want to try something different. I am going to briefly discuss 4 popular alternatives to Google Analytics in this article that all are free to use, but additionally two of them offer monthly subscription in order to get more premium features at your disposal.

Alternative #1: Clicky Analytics

Price: free, premium plans starting at $9.99/month (read our review of the Pro Plus plan)

Website: click here to visit

Clicky Analytics is a great alternative to Google Analytics that offers a free account as well as paid accounts with the addition of more premium level features. These features include things like real-time tracking, “spy” mode, heatmaps, Google search rankings, uptime monitoring, and much more. In my experience, the interface is simpler and easier to understand than Google Analytics. I personally love the way they calculate the bounce rate metric as it is much more accurate than the flawed way Google Analytics determines it.

Alternative #2: StatCounter

Price: free, premium plans starting at $5/month

Website: click here to visit

StatCounter is another popular alternative to Google Analytics as it also offers a free account with no credit card required. For the free account, there are limitations on the amount of data it will track based off your overall traffic. For example if you reach over 250,000 page-loads per month or you want a more detailed analysis of your page-loads then you must upgrade to a paid account starting at $5 a month. A nice feature with StatCounter that is even available with the free plan is the ability to enable weekly or monthly (daily requires paid account) reports sent to an email of your choice.

Alternative #3: Piwik

Price: free & open source

Website: click here to visit

Piwik is an interesting choice for analytics because it is open source and requires you to install the software on an existing server or you can rent a pre-installed Piwik server at a rate of $4 a month. Piwik has a great deal of advanced features and is available in over 43 different languages. Another cool thing about Piwik is that you have the ability to upload your custom logo and add it to your login, user interface, and email reports to give it that professional and white label look that many companies desire.

Alternative #4: AWStats

Price: free, often comes pre-installed on select hosting packages

Website: click here to visit

AWStats is a common alternative to Google Analytics since it is usually comes pre-installed on common web hosts such as HostGator therefore it is often the easiest to take advantage of as there is no setup needed. AWStats is a lot less appealing in terms of the user interface, but it does a decent job in tracking all the basic stats you desire. There also isn't any advanced features such as heatmaps, email reporting, or rank tracking. All in all AWStats gets the job done for someone who just wants to keep basic stats and doesn't dig deep and evaluate into their analytics in depth, like I prefer doing.

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    • Thanks for the input Andrew, Angelfish does look like some serious analytics software though I don't think the $1,295 annual pricing will fit most of our reader's budgets. But who knows maybe we will transition our focus from Clicky Analytics to Angelfish one day!

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