3 Useful Ways To Prevent Eye Strain Due To Excessive Computer Use

I often find myself sitting at a computer screen for a minimum of 5-6 hours a day and I have noticed lately how much of a toll it has been taking on my eyes. According to a source, 8 out of 10 computer users experience eye strain. In fact, it is such a common complaint that it has been officially named Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms of CVS include eyes hurting or feeling over-tired, eyes burning or itching, dry or watery eyes, double vision, blurry eyesight, the sudden need for glasses, the need for stronger prescriptions, headaches, and an increased sensitivity to light.

This is a major problem for people like myself who rely on the use of computers for their careers therefore are forced to submit their eyes to abuse day after day. Fortunately for us, there are a few ways to effectively prevent eye strain and to make those long hours in front of a screen much more tolerable. Out of the three I am going to touch on in this article, only one of them will cost you money to implement. I hope you will one of these options beneficial and help keep your eyes feeling better in the future.

Tip #1: Look away from your screen in regular intervals

It is important to take breaks from looking at your screen regularly and focus on something other than your computer screen for a short period of time. Sources say during these breaks you should quickly shift your focus from near to far 3-4 times to work your eye muscles in order to discourage the build-up of visual stress and discomfort. I usually like to do this in 20 minute intervals since I think it is an adequate amount of time to make progress in your work without getting interrupted by constant breaks.

Tip #2: Pickup a pair of specialized Gunnar glasses

A company by the name of Gunnar Optiks has developed a series of premium eyeglass wear offering consumers advanced technology to protect their eyes from prolonged screen exposure. Originally developed for professional video gamers, the company has created a product line dedicated for general computer use and that look stylish enough to wear casually without looking stupid. I have not actually had the chance to use a pair of Gunnars myself, but I have heard many rave reviews on the product. You can pickup your own pair of Gunnar glasses right here.

Tip #3: Install a free software called f.lux

This is the option I am currently relying primarily on. F.lux is a free software made for Windows, Mac, and jailbroken iPad/iPhone users. The software automatically dims your screen and adds a tint so that it is easier on your eyes. There are multiple options that give you the ability to adjust to your personal preference and can also be set it up to automatcially change the tint according to the time of day. You can download f.lux right here.

Source: Healthy.net

Photo credit: Kaleb Fulgham