3 Things You Should Buy To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Macbook Pro

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 9.32.49 PM#1: Protective Case

Though Macbook Pro's are more durable than most standard laptop models, their unibody chassis is easily subject to dents, scrapes, scratches, and nicks. These types of damage often happen through normal use especially if you take your Macbook with you while on the go. Buying a protective case is an excellent investment as it will protect the exterior of your computer without sacrificing any access to your computer's ports or functionality. As for the brand of case, I highly suggest picking up a Speck case over lower priced competitors such as the Kuzy case since from my experience in this type of product is you get what you pay. What I mean by this is that a cheaper case will need to be replaced far sooner than a more high quality, expensive one therefore you will save money by spending more initially.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 9.36.12 PM#2: Keyboard Cover

A keyboard cover is often overlooked, but is an affordable investment that can help keep your Macbook Pro's keyboard clean from debris, dust, or dirt. If look closely, you'll notice there are small gaps under the keys which make the internals of your Macbook exposed to these harmful elements which can get inside your chassis and cause damage to your internals over time. I have noticed my keyboard cover has kept water droplets from hitting my keyboard and potentially entering my laptop through the tiny gap in the keys. We all know how bad water damage can be for electronics and if it were to hit the right spot on your Macbook Pro's logic board, it could potentially fry it. This could be hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage (Apple logic boards are not cheap!). Hear me clearly, I'm not saying this cover will make your Macbook Pro waterproof by any means, but I have had situations where I accidentally spilled or splashed small amounts of water on my keyboard and the keyboard cover kept my Macbook Pro from being harmed. It will also help keep your keyboard looking brand new even after years of steady use.

1#3: AppleCare

AppleCare is another excellent investment for Macbook Pro owners since it takes all the worrying out of owning such an expensive laptop as the original 1 year warranty is extended an extra 2 years. Unlike most laptops, finding replacement parts for Macbook Pros can be difficult and VERY expensive. Once you finally buy these parts, you have to deal with the stress of installing them correctly and not breaking any other parts in the process. AppleCare will cover both of these situations and give you piece of mind that your laptop will be fully functional for another two years. Keep in mind, AppleCare MUST be bought within the first year of your computer's ownership and will need to be registered online. See more reasons why AppleCare is worth it in this article.

Photo Credit: Flickr