6 Reasons Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Browser Of Choice

Since it debuted back in 2008, Google Chrome has become one of the most commonly used web browsers around. It provides excellent performance and looks exceptionally well compared to clunky alternatives such as Internet Explorer. I have been using it since it launched and I can honestly say I'd feel lost without Chrome as I have grown to love its simplicity and features over the years. If you haven't tried Chrome yet, I highly suggest doing so. Check out the following reasons why Chrome should be your browser of choice.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Chrome

Reason #1: It's Sleek & Customizable

  • In my personal opinion, Google Chrome is one of the best, if not the best looking browser currently available. It's user interface is sleek and pleasing to the eye which is important if you're often staring at your Internet browser for several hours each day. If you don't like the default look, thats not a problem. You can customize the theme and color options by downloading one of the many themes located in the Chrome Web Store.
Reason #2: It's Fast & Efficient
  • Google Chrome is blazing fast. It is considered the fast web browser by the majority of the industry and for good reason. LifeHacker recently ran a browser speed test between Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Guess who won? Of course, it was Google Chrome who nearly swept all the judging criteria.
  • Don't believe Chrome's superior speed? Check out the rather dramatic, yet impressive speed-test video embedded below:

Reason #3: It's Simple
  • Chrome is simple. The interface is basic and free from the clutter in which some competing browsers come standard with. All the menus and settings are hidden in the top right and you have easy access to your active extensions at all times. I also love how you can easily drag a tab away from the current window to start a new one. Having the ability to do this is extremely convenient when you're using multiple monitors and want to quickly rearrange your browser windows.
Reason #4: It Has Tons Of Useful Extensions
  • Though you can find add-ons for Safari & Firefox, Chrome also has a great deal of excellent extensions to make your everyday surfing experience just that much better. I currently have 9 extensions running at all times (in which I use on a consistent basis) and Chrome's speed has not suffered a bit. You'll find useful extensions that deal with topics like business, education, entertainment, games, lifestyle, news, weather, productivity, social media, communication, and utilities.
Reason #5: It's Secure & Stable
  • Chrome is one of the safest browsers as it was designed with security in mind and features built-in malware and phishing protection. You will also notice Chrome pushes out new updates on a regular basis to stay up to date on the latest threats as well as improve performance.
Reason #6: It Has Single Sign-In Functionality
  • Currently, I use Chrome as my main browser on my iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, & my iMac. Since I take advantage of their single sign-in feature, it allows me to automatically access my bookmarks, history, and settings from all my devices and they automatically update as I make any changes. This also is really convenient when I buy a new computer as I am able to access all my Chrome settings & preferences immediately after installation.

If you're convinced you can download Google Chrome here. If you already use Chrome and want to add in any other reasons why it is the superior browser feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

  • I've been an opera user for years and now I'm thinking about changing my browser into google chrome. I used to use google chrome before and pretty much satisfied. The only problem is when I opened too many tabs, it will close without any warning. Though other than that, I'm fine with it. Now that I use opera, it feels "heavier" than google chrome. Perhaps it's better to go back to chrome! 😀

    nice sharing. thanks 🙂

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