10 Of The Best iOS Apps For Cycling & Biking

Cyclemeter GPS


Cyclemeter is my favorite cycling app for iOS devices as it seems to outperform all of it's competitors. By taking advantage of Cyclemeter's features you are able to harness the power of a powerful cycling computer including map, graphs, splits, internals, laps, announcements, zones, and training. It is available for $4.99 on both the iPhone and iPad via the App Store.

BioLogic BikeBrain


The BikeBrain app is developed by BioLogic who is also known for manufacturing an excellent iPhone bike mount. BikeBrain gives you similar features to Cyclemeter, including GPS mapping, spped, cadence, altitude, calories burned, and many others. BikeBrain is currently free in the App Store, but it does include in-app purchases for advanced features.



B.iCycle is a next-gen cyclometer for the iPhone that integrates with OpenCycleMap. Besides the GPS capabilities, you receive a stylish user interface and access to data such as speed, distance, altitude, and calories. Bi.Cycle is priced at $9.99 in the App Store and includes free lifetime updates.

Bikemate GPS



Bikemate is designed specifically for cyclists, but can also be used for driving, hiking, or jogging. It gives you the same access to ride data and can be set to incorporate the iPhone's camera to take pictures while you ride and use the photo's GPS data to check the riding path with Google Maps. BikeMate GPS is priced at $2.99 in the App Store.



MapMyRide+ is an impressive iOS app that is capable of tracking cycling, running, and over 600 different activities. It gives you a clean user interface and access to customizable data such as distance, speed, time, calories, route navigation and much more. You have the option to automatically post your workouts to Facebook or Twitter if you desire. MapMyRide+ is available through the App Store for $2.99.



Cyctastic is the sister app to Runtastic and contains a great deal of impressive features. The interface is very clean and easy to navigate and you have access to all the same data as the majority mentioned in this article. A nice feature about Cyctastic is that is allows you to manually put in indoor (stationary) cycling data to keep your exercises as accurately tracked as possible. Cyctastic is offered at $4.99 through the App Store.

Cycle Watch


Cycle Watch is one of the cheapest cycling apps, but the interface is not as clean as the others. It works outdoor only and will track your rides including path, speed, time, and elevator with decent accuracy. It will also allow you to compare rides on existing routes in terms of best, median, and worse times. You can get Cycle Watch for $1.99 through the App Store.

Cycle Tracker Pro


Cycle Tracker Pro is a GPS enabled cyclemeter which provides real-time maps, goals, and data for each of your rides. After your rides are complete you have the option to share your results with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter. It also have integration with TrainingPeak.com and allows you to upload workouts for further analysis and tracking. Cycle Tracker Pro is available via the App Store for $2.99.

Bike Doctor 2.0


Bike Doctor 2.0 is not a cyclemeter like the majority of the apps mentioned in this post, but instead it is a handy repair guide built right into your iPhone. Its mission it to make bicycle maintenance as simple as possible and they have done this by including simple step by step tutorials on how to perform all sorts of bike repairs. You can access all the great Bike Doctor content by purchasing the app for $4.99 through the App Store.

EveryTrail Pro


EveryTrail Pro is more geared towards mountain bikers as it allows you to log your favorite trails and share them with others. If your looking to ride new areas, EveryTrail Pro will allow you to access a plethora of over 400,000 logged trails stored by other travelers to explore new routes quickly and easily. You can download EveryTrail Pro for $3.99 in the App Store.

Photo Credit: Bryan Pearson

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