YouTuber Devin Graham Gets His Own Signature Glidecam Model

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Credit: Devin Graham/YouTube

If you are familiar with the YouTube community, chances are you've heard of Devin Graham or seen one of his videos even if you didn't realize it. Going by the username ‘devinsupertramp' a young filmmaker's main account has amassed a large following with just under 3M subscribers and over 533M lifetime video views.

One of most notably used tools in Devin's gear bag is his Glidecam and his use of one has caught a lot of attention for the product thus helping convert sales for its parent company, Glidecam Industries Inc. For some time now, the two have been working together to construct an updated ‘Devin Graham' Signature Series model and it's day has finally come.

Earlier, I received a press release to my email that contained the following:

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Technical Specifications:

  • For low profile cameras weighing 2-12 lbs.
  • Dovetail quick-release plate. (Compatible with the manfrotto 501 head)
  • Camera balance platform.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Axis Adjustment Knobs.
  • Precision three-axis gimbal.
    • Water resistant with lower removable plate for easy cleaning
  • No-tools positionable, knurled gimbal handle.
    • (Positive twist lock)
  • Foam handle grip.
  • Laser engraved, central post guide-scale markings.
  • No-tools telescoping central post.
  • Counter weights.
  • Dynamic base platform
  • Made in the USA

LIST PRICE: $799.00

While it is exciting news to see a new Glidecam model hit the market that will be officially endorsed by Devin himself, one has to wonder if the market has shifted too much for it to be a success.  Over the past two years, many Glidecam owners have shifted their use to more specialized motorized gimbal systems like the DJI Ronin along with several lower-end models such as the CAME-7800 or Nebula 4000 which bring forth easier operation and a shorter learning curve overall.

I currently own a Glidecam HD-4000 and it appears to be very similar to this newer model besides the obvious Devin Graham branding and a newly redesigned quick-release system. Mine also didn't come with a nice carrying case or tutorial training video, but is that worth an extra $210? I really don't think so though I haven't had hands-on use so it is too early to tell.

No official release date has been released yet, but they will be showing off this product at NAB with Devin Graham himself, so I'd expect more information to be released then.