YouTube Parody Shows Off EA Sports UFC’s Hilarious Glitches (Video)

EA Sports has just released their highly anticipated UFC title just last week so naturally the game is expected to have a few minor bugs yet YouTube user Tommy Toe Hold managed to capture some pretty hilarious and drastic glitches of which he put into a compilation for us all to get a laugh at.

The video is just under 3 minutes long and shows off some of the oddest software bugs including random knockouts where the opponent didn't even move a muscle. Accompanied with the video is some humorous commentary that parodies that of the real UFC announcers Joe Rogan (most notable for being the host of Fear Factor) and Mike Goldberg.

At the beginning of the video, Tommy Toe Hold mentions these glitches very rarely occur and that the game “kicks all sorts of ass” so I wouldn't let that stop you from buying the title especially since these glitches should be fixed momentarily as I'd bet EA has already gotten wind of this video's growing popularity and is rushing to fix these issues.

Via: Polygon
Source: YouTube