YouTube Improves Copyright Warnings & Adds Competitive Bonuses

Google has rolled out some new changes to their YouTube video sharing platform in an effort to improve the user experience. The first and most important decision involves their music copyright policy. Previously, you would have to wait until the video had been fully uploaded before a violation alert appeared.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.22.58 AM

As of today, you can now simply visit the YouTube Audio Library and search for your desired song to see what the consequences of using a particular track in an uploaded video. This includes aspects such as effects on monetization, location restrictions and potential take-down requests. This new feature is found under the ‘Create' tab within the ‘Creator Studio' although it seems to still be in the process of reaching all users, as we can't see it on our end yet.

In addition to this useful new tool for content creators, reports are coming in that the Big G is starting to dish out competitive bonuses to their most popular publishers in exchange for exclusivity of their content. The reports suggest competitors like Crackle and Facebook have been poaching YouTube stars from multiple genres of content with monetary gains in return for exclusive content rights. YouTube is making the necessary changes to ensure they adapt to stay relevant and keep their loyal users taken care of.

Via: Engadget, (2)
Source: Youtube, WSJ