YouTube New ‘Heroes’ Program Puts Volunteer Moderators In Charge

YouTube has always struggled with a way to appropriately moderate the massive amount of content added to their platform each day. For the past decade, the video giant has relied on user reporting to deem a piece of content as in violation of policy which then gets passed to an internal team who follow up on these reports.


In 2012, Google started a Truster Flagger program which grabbed the most accurate report contributors and provided them better tools for monitoring abuse.

To further improve upon this, a new ‘YouTube Heroes' initiative is rolling into effect which will allow select individuals a chance to participate in the program and take advantage of new features and functionalities to keep YouTube a clean and safe community.

The first group of Heroes was invited to a 2-day workshop at Google HQ for training, but anyone interested in submitting an application to the platform can do so here.

Via: Engadget
Source: YouTube Blog