YouTube For Android Allows Native Viewing For Portrait Videos

New smartphones are being released every year that offer integrated cameras with tremendous photo and video capabilities. With this, a large number of videos have been filling YouTube despite being filmed by a smartphone in portrait mode thus making it far from ideal for viewing.

In a case like this, YouTube will recognize this issue and place it horizontally in the center of its player resulting in lost resolution and bulky black margins on each side of the content. Starting with the YouTube app for Android, any videos shot in a portrait orientation will automatically play in its native orientation thus rendering the content much more enjoyable to watch.

This feature is expected to be rolled out in the Android version shortly, and the iOS version will likely follow suit though we have no official confirmation at this time. With YouTube adding notable tweaks such as this and the recent support for 60fps video playback, the service has no plans to slow down or lose its relevancy.

Source: PCMag