Your Facebook Web Feed Will Now Auto-Play Videos

While browsing various websites in the past, you may have noticed that you'll sometimes scroll over an advertisement or video resulting in the media coming to life and playing without actually clicking on it. Well chances are you'll now see this same auto-play component on your Facebook's news feed regardless of viewing from a computer or a mobile device.

Even outside of Facebook, this type of auto-play technology seems to be getting more common as time goes by. TechCrunch stated that this addition has recently been included in the change-log on iOS. Seeing as Android and iOS are the top players in mobile operating systems, this update will inch us closer auto-play technology becoming acceptable and a universal norm for developers.

Instagram and Vine are likely the first thing that came into your head as you laid eyes on this article and if so you're already halfway into my next point. Technological features exclusive to successful platforms are inevitably going to be adopted by the top social networks and their competition. Emulating something that has been proven to create more buzz and satisfy user experience is nothing new in the world of social networks which is why we will likely see this practice spread throughout all types of platforms.

My main worry is whether they will decide to include sponsored advertisements mixed within these auto-play videos as that is something that I believe would hurt the overall user experience. Additionally, it could also stir up some trouble and result in some serious problems with members of these social network who oppose this type of forced exposure to sponsored advertisements.

Photo Credit: Ben Harrison
Source: TechCrunch