Xbox One To Receive New Features Via July Update (Video)

Xbox One owners will soon be able to take advantage of some new features thanks to a new software update that is expected to be pushed out sometime in July. The primary feature you can expect from the update is the ability to enable Snap mode for achievements.

This feature will allow achievement-hungry gamers the chance to track their progress towards a certain achievement in real-time without the need to pause the game. If you're stuck trying to complete a particular achievement, you can simply search for help through the console as it will automatically Bing the achievement name in a new Internet Explorer window for easy viewing of tutorial articles or YouTube videos.

Since Microsoft has released a new Kinect-less Xbox One variant, the software update will now allow the ability to double-tap the home button in order to bring up the Snap menu. Traditionally, you would rely on the Kinect to initiate the Snap feature via a voice command so it would clearly be an issue for someone who has decided to purchase the cheaper, standalone console.

The Xbox One's activity feed and Game DVR will receive new social features such as the ability to “like” your friends recorded clips and notes that pop up while viewing the activity feed via the SmartGlass mobile app. There are rumors of potential integration with social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter although there is no concrete evidence that this will happen anytime soon.

Additionally, a few minor tweaks that will be included within the software update including the ability to change which language the Kinect will respond to (regardless of the country that you actually live in) and support for publishers to sell digital bundles and compilation discs in the future.

Stay tuned for more information and the future launch of this update sometime next month. If you'd like the official word from Microsoft on this software update, check out the source link below for the full text.

Via: Engadget
Source: Xbox Wire