New Xbox One Demo Showcases Multitasking ‘Snap’ Feature (Video)

Microsoft's Xbox One harnesses hardware and software that far exceed those found in current generation consoles and with this type of advanced technology comes greater capabilities. For the first time, a game console will be able to actively multitask two separate experiences on one screen thanks to the Xbox One's ‘snap' feature.

As shown in the embedded video above, the Xbox One utilizes the advanced Kinect sensor to allow users the ability to open their friends activity feed, Internet Explorer, Skype, or even watch TV while simultaneously playing their game of choice. The snap feature closely resembles the multitasking feature within the Windows 8 OS:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.07.51 AM
Xbox One's multitasking feature
Windows 8's multitasking feature

For those of us who are planning on purchasing the Xbox One, this demo just peaks the excitement level and who knows what other type of advanced features we may see when it finally launches on November 22nd.