WWDC 2015 Recap: An Assortment Of Digital Upgrades

Today, Apple held their 26th Worldwide Developer's Conference keynote that takes place every June in Cupertino, CA. There was a lot discussed and many new unveilings that were shown throughout the event so I'll do my best to highlight the important aspects below. For anyone interested in watching the full keynote in its entirety, you can do so here.

OSX 10.11 El Capitan

  • New gestures for quick actions while in the Mail app
  • Now able to “pin” sites while in Safari for constant, up-to-date tabs of your favorite URLs
  • Improved Spotlight functionality includes smarter results including sports scores and weather
  • A new Split View puts your two apps side-by-side for simultaneous viewing
  • Increased performance will offer faster app launching, switching, Mail retrieval, and Preview launching
  • Updated Metal graphics engine is coming to Mac to offer better GPU performance
  • Available today as a developer beta and will open in public beta this summer
  • Worldwide public release is coming this Fall for free

iOS 9

  • Siri is 40% faster and 40% more accurate than that of the Siri in iOS 8
  • Siri is also smarter with the ability to ask her about specific photos/video or set a reminder to finish reading an article based on a URL
  • Siri can now anticipate actions based on time, location, app utilization and connections
  • Search feature now includes sports schedules, Netflix recommendations, and greater information within applications
  • Smart suggestions will now occur in Mail, Spotlight, Calendar, Safari, etc.
  • Searches will not be associated with your Apple ID and not shared with 3rd parties (info is safe)
  • Apple Pay will now include support for Discover cards
  • Square has partnered with Apple Pay to help small businesses accept Apple Pay with ease
  • Apple Pay will launch in the UK in July
  • Retail store and loyalty/reward cards are now able to be loaded within Apple Pay
  • Passbook has been renamed to Wallet to store credit, debit and reward cards as well as boarding passes and tickets
  • Notes app is redesigned with integrated checklists, camera support, finger sketching, and connectable content from Safari, Maps, and other apps
  • Notes will remain interconnected between your Mac, iPad, and iPhone
  • Maps received a new transit view for better information on public transportation like trains, buses, subways, and ferries
  • Maps will also help you find close restaurants, bars, shops and activities including places that accept Apple Pay
  • An all new News app will bring curated articles based on your personal interest and integrate content from existing websites/sources
  • News content can include interactive elements as well as photo galleries, animations, and video
  • News will initially launch in the US, UK, and Australia
  • Improved QuickType keyboard improves typing efficiency and faster editing
  • New shortcut bar offers customization for third-party apps
  • Greater support for use of a physical keyboard with your iPad
  • Multitasking has received a larger overhaul with new gestures for switching apps as well as the same Split View that is in El Capitan
  • Picture-in-picture mode will scale a video down to a small corner of the screen while allowing an app to be run in the background
  • Built-in iOS 9 apps now support use of Metal offering faster performance and functionality
  • iOS 9 is less power intensive with the average user gaining an extra hour of battery life
  • 2-factor authentication secures your Apple ID from unwanted breaches
  • iOS 9 requires less storage space than its bulky predecessor
  • Lots of new developer APIs mean greater integration for third-party apps within the iOS 9 framework
  • The Health app can better track workouts, reproductive health, time spent sitting, UV exposure, and how much water you consume
  • HomeKit expands support for home security systems, mechanical blinds, thermostats, locks, and lights plus it can now offer control via iCloud remote access
  • CarPlay improvements make it safer and smart to use you iPhone in supported vehicles
  • Swift 2 includes new features for more productive programming and will be made open source
  • iOS 9 developer beta is now available, public beta will begin in July
  • iOS 9 will be available this Fall

watchOS 2

  • Native apps will come to the Apple Watch in watchOS 2
  • New faces, features, and functions will follow
  • Can now utilize an image from Photos app as the background of your watch face
  • New Time-Lapse watch face will show iconic locations around the world shot over 24 hours
  • Can now integrate information from third-party apps within watch face
  • Time Travel feature allows you to scroll forward/backward in time to see changes in battery life, calendar, temperatures (up to 72 hours)
  • Nightstand mode will default when the Apple Watch charges on its side
  • Multiple screens for friends and can now add new friends right from your watch
  • Support for multiple colors in sketches
  • Email can now be replied to via the watch (smart replies, emoji, or dictation)
  • Fitness apps can now share data and integrate within the Activity rings
  • New Apple Pay features are extended to Apple Watch
  • Transit functionality will be accessible in Maps app
  • Siri can now show Glances for apps
  • New developer API offers access to the microphone, speaker, video, accelerometer, Taptic Engine and Digital Crown
  • Homekit integration offers direct control of enabled SmartHome technology
  • Developer preview available today, public update will launch in the Fall for free with support for all Apple Watch models

Apple Music

  • Full-fledged streaming service like Spotify or Rdio
  • Tens of million of tracks within iTunes library available for streaming or offline listening
  • Smart recommendations for albums/playlists based on music you already enjoy
  • Easy discovery of new artists and albums
  • 24/7 global radio station will offer unaltered access to stations to over 100 countries
  • Beats 1 will offer music, interviews, guest hosts, news, and culture
  • Established radio personality Zane Lowe will be streaming daily on Beats 1
  • Siri can pull up music from Apple Music including requests like: “the #1 song in January 1984”
  • Apple Music will launch on June 30th in 100 countries with iOS 8.4 for iOS and Mac devices
  • Apple Music will launch on Android and PC later this Fall
  • The monthly subscription fee will be $9.99 per month with a free 3-month trial and a $14.99 per month family plan for up to six individual users
  • Beats 1 will be able to be streamed for free without a subscription

Featured Image Credit/Source: Apple