Windows 9 Screenshots Leak & Reveal Microsoft’s Future OS


Microsoft's developers have been hard at work producing their next release of their Windows operating system, known as Windows 9. Two German website have published a collection of screenshots that are said to be from the unreleased OS and these images give us a clear idea of what Microsoft has in store for Windows 9.

Aesthetically, the look and feel of Windows 9 appears to closely resembles that of the ‘Metro' theme found in Windows 8. This takes advantage of a flat user interface and icon set along with an emphasis on the various shades of blue that are used within the theme.

Judging from the screenshots there are a few new features and changes that are evident. First off, a Windows 7-like start menu is back for good a magnifying glass icon can be seen next to it. This is new built-in search function thus giving Windows a similar feature to Mac's ‘spotlight' tool. There is another icon next to this search feature which is used for managing your virtual desktops. The taskbar appears to offer a new notification center which again mimics that found in of Mac's latest OS.

Keep in mind, this is still an early edition of Windows 9 so much of the look and features may be subject to change yet so far I am pleased with what I see.

Via: The Verge