‘Windows 10’ Will Be A Free Upgrade Even For Previously Pirated Copies

Microsoft has been working on the next iteration in their operating system lineup for quite some time now. The company has had plenty of fuel on the fire after Windows 8's poor reception among the tech world since it came to market.

A Windows 10 event was held in January which showcased the new features and functionality that Windows 10 will bring to market. If you missed this event, The Verge has compiled a clever video edit that nicely sums up the long presentation into just 8 minutes:

The new OS will make its way to the general public this summer with a global launch in 190 countries. Anyone running a copy of Window 7, 8 or 8.1 will be able to upgrade to the new OS regardless of whether their copy is genuine or pirated.

It appears the main reason for this decision (Microsoft has had a strict anti-piracy policy in the past) is an attempt to re-engage hundreds of millions of Chinese users who are currently running on pirated Windows copies with the hopes of somehow upselling them to other Microsoft services in the future.

Source: Reuters, Windows Blog

  • Most pirated windows boxes run a corporate version of windows and that can not be upgraded. We have confirmed, impossible to upgrade from the corporate license.

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