Western Digital Unveils New $100 WD TV Streaming Box, Lacks Support For Netflix

The era of streaming media devices is among us with the market currently saturated by products like Google's Chromecast, Amazon's Fire TV, and Roku's various offerings. Western Digital has offered multiple streaming devices in the past although they have never been all that successful so it is odd to see the company release another attempt in such a densely populated market.

The new WD TV model is priced at $100 with a focus on support for Miracast and local media streaming including .MKV and .FLAC files. Now it will also offer access to streaming apps including YouTube, Spotify, Vudu, Slingbox, AOL HD, Hulu Plus, and several others. Oddly enough, there is not any support for Netflix streaming which is ironic as many users buy a streaming media device solely for use with this service.

Most smartphones or tablets can be used as a wireless remote to take full control of the WD TV for easy navigation. This is the first time Western Digital has offered an SDK for developers to build apps for their new streaming box. While this would be great if the audience of WD TV users grew large enough, it will be a real long shot in a tough market like this.

Click to view the new WD TV streaming box's product page on Amazon.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Western Digital