Popular Website Security Company ‘Sucuri’ Acquired By GoDaddy

While we are not a fan of GoDaddy’s products and services based on personal experiences coupled with the various horror stories that exist from past customers who were wronged by the company, they remain a big player in the web hosting market due to their over-the-top marketing tactics that have made themselves a household name. … Read more

WordPress REST API Vulnerability Poses Serious Threat To Site Owners

WordPress 4.7.2

Just a few days ago, Sucuri, a major website security service reported a significant threat within WordPress that involves the newly supported REST API. According to several tech outlets, recent attacks carried out through this vulnerability have reached over 1.5M pages. To make matters worse, Sucuri has found remote code execution are now being used … Read more

Automattic Offers Three New Subscriptions For ‘Jetpack’ WordPress Service

While many blog and website owners start off in the WordPress.com hosting environment, moving to the WordPress.org platform gives the user a great deal more customization. Automattic, the company behind the WordPress platform, released their Jetpack service for self-hosted WordPress site owners to help ease the burden that previously required stacking on multiple plugins to … Read more