Watch Jimmy Fallon Demo Sony’s New Project Morpheus VR (Video)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been a huge hit having received an excellent reception after replacing the legendary Jay Leno just a few months ago. Due to the show's success and popularity with the younger crowd, many companies are fighting at the bit to get some product exposure during the show. Just the other night Sony unveiled a live demo of their new virtual reality headset called Project Morpheus.

Jimmy and guest Channing Tatum were both immersed in a special 2-player version of the Project Morpheus demo which took place in a medieval time with knights and dragons. The headset resembles the competing Oculus Rift and each player holds two Playstation Move controllers to utilize their hands. In the clip, Jimmy showcases his ability to throw punches at a dummy character whereas Channing showcases his ability to utilize a crossbow.

While their time playing the demo was brief, it gave a good indication of what the VR technology was capable of and it was directly relatable to the Oculus VR's experience. Be sure to check out of the full clip which is embedded above and leave your thoughts about Sony's Project Morpheus in the comments below.

Source: YouTube