Watch How Poorly Canon’s Entry-Level T3i Was Marketed In This Old HSN Clip

Just this past week, the photography world was buzzing about an old HSN clip from 2012 that resurfaced showing how the TV shopping channel marketed and sold Canon's entry-level T3i model shortly after its release. The segment spans just over 13 minutes and features two HSN representatives who are poorly educated in photography spreading blatant lies about the camera and photography, in general.

Here are some of the sad yet humorous word-for-word quotes found within the clip:

  • “It is Canon’s flagship model.”
  • “What you have going to work for you in this particular camera is going to be the ‘Canon trinity': it’s about the sensor, it’s about the lens, and it’s about the processor.”
  • “You don’t have to be a professional to have professional results. What you need is a better camera. You need faster processing speed.”
  • “Nothing can do better than this. The reviewers, the experts, the gadget gurus, the magazines, the industry has labeled the Rebel by Canon as simply supreme. I mean, that’s the word to describe it: it’s ‘supreme.'”
  • “The 75-300mm zoom is going to give you those professional-looking results.”
  • “It’s a camera to have for a lifetime because you will have picture and video like you’ve never had before.”

Now this type of marketing is a perfect example of why I started this website in the first place. Too much information is out there on the web and other forms of media that is false or misleading from sources who are simply out to make a quick buck at the consumer's expense.

Did HSN benefit from their two hosts boasting all the positives (many of them false) of the T3i while not mentioning a single downfall? Of course, because these representatives are simply salespeople with a primary job to convert viewers into customers, no matter the cost. Loyal HSN shoppers likely assume what they are being told is true since just as uneducated about the product as the representatives in the clip.

From our business's standpoint, we have always prided ourselves on credibility, knowledge, and an unbiased perspective behind every review. Did the T3i offer great value for the dollar when it first arrived in 2012? Yes, I would say so, but was it truly a flagship model or a situation where we'd say “nothing can do better than this”? Absolutely not.

Let this be a lesson to any HSN shoppers or anyone scouring the web for reviews or information on any prospective electronics especially photography equipment. Take your time to do a quick background check on any media outlets that you are taking advice from as there is often a motive behind the information that could potentially cause you to make the wrong purchase without realizing it. Our goal is to help consumers make smarter, more educated purchase decisions for their particular needs, and HSN's poor representation of the product in question is something we can't appreciate in any regard.

Via: PetaPixel
Source: YouTube