Walmart Leaks Google’s Unannounced Home Mini Speaker

Google's October 4th event is just one day away, and a significant device leak just happened. We have already heard talks that they may announce a new PixelBook with their Voice Assistant integrated within it, but Walmart just leaked an unannounced product from the Big G.

The retailer founded by former billionaire Sam Walton accidentally posted a product page for the Google Home Mini, a condensed version of their standard Google Home device. The idea that Google would release a product like this makes sense since their main competitor Amazon did the same with the release of their Echo Dot which sells for $39.99.

According to the accidental leak by Walmart, the device will begin shipping on October 19th for $49. Google is expected to run a promotion with Walmart allowing users who buy the device with Google Express a $25 discount. This deal is expected to run until January 15th bringing the promotional price to just $24.

Beyond this new information about the Mini Home, the leaked image also shows another unannounced but heavily rumored Pixel 2 XL. While the newest line of Pixels has been expected from Google, there hasn't been full confirmation that we would see it tomorrow, and only leaked images have come from Evan Blass to date.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a summary of all the major announcements coming from Google media event.