VIZIO Recalls 245,000 E-Series HDTV Models Due To Stand Issues

VIZIO introduced their E-Series HDTV models with the intention of offering excellent appeal, features and performance without the hefty price tag that often comes with it. However, the company has just announced a recall of over 245,000 units of which are reported to have a defective table-top stand which has accounted for 51 reported incidents of the HDTV accidentally falling over.

We previously reviewed the VIZIO's E500i model and determine it was an exceptional product for the price. Luckily, this recall seems to only affect the 39 and 42-inch models (E390-B0, E390i-B0, and E420i-B0) so those affected are recommended to detach the stand immediately and request an adequate replacement.

Here is what VIZIO's support has recommended for those who are affected by the recall:

What is the Nature of the Issue and the Affected Range of Products?

In an effort to proactively communicate with customers who purchased a VIZIO E390-B0, E390i-B0, or E420i-B0 television, this notice is to inform you that VIZIO has recently learned of a potential manufacturing defect in the TV stand assembly which can cause the television to become unstable and tip over. The potential manufacturing defect is not visible on the outside of the stand assembly. While there have been no reported injuries, as with any TV tip-over, injury to users is possible.

This issue affects you if you purchased an affected unit between December 2013 and June 2014.

This issue does not affect televisions that are mounted to the wall without using the stand. However, all customers with affected television units should still follow the directions in this notice to obtain a replacement stand for future use.

How is VIZIO Responding to Resolve This Issue?

VIZIO has promptly notified customers of the possible issue so that affected customers can receive a solution to replace the stand assembly in the shortest time possible. In addition, VIZIO is also extending its standard one-year limited warranty to two years from the date of purchase for this specific issue to ensure that customers who purchased the E390-B0, E390i-B0 or E420i-B0 can continue to enjoy their TV with full peace of mind.

What Should VIZIO Customers Do?

If you have a VIZIO E390-B0, E390i-B0, or E420i-B0 TV please use the Serial Number lookup tool below or you may call VIZIO's Customer Care team toll free at 855-472-7450 or email them at: [email protected] to directly reach VIZIO's dedicated service team, who will assist you as quickly as possible. Please do not return your unit to us or to the retailer that you bought it from — contact VIZIO's Customer Care team to receive expedited service for this issue. With its all U.S.-based award-winning Customer Support team, VIZIO remains fully committed to taking care of its customers for all of its products. For questions regarding any other concerns about your VIZIO purchase, please contact VIZIO's customer service at 855-472-7450 or chat with them at:

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Source: US Consumer Product Safety Commission, VIZIO Support