Virgin Mobile Teases An Upcoming No Contract iPhone 5s/5c Release

The new iPhone 5/5s announcement was exciting for many consumers as it meant a chance to upgrade to the latest and greatest device. Unfortunately, some users were left in the dust as their carrier has yet to support the new device which happens to be the case for many prepaid carriers such as Virgin Mobile. Luckily, this won't be the case for much longer as Virgin Mobile USA started teasing the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c on their website as of yesterday.

Currently, Virgin Mobile offers both the iPhone 4, 4s, & 5 models with no contract or commitments which means the devices are priced higher than most competitors whom offer subsidized device costs in exchange for 2-year commitments. At this time, the 4 is available for $199, the 4s for $382.49, and the 5 is $549.99. While the 5s & 5c seem to be set in stone for a Virgin Mobile release in the near future, there is no information on pricing details as of now. From my perspective, I'd make an educated guess that the iPhone 5s will sell for around $599 and the iPhone 5c will be sold somewhere in the vicinity of $399 although these are total estimates on my part. Here is a basic rundown of Virgin Mobile's no commitment plan if you are not familiar:


Stay tuned for further information about the iPhone 5s and 5c's on Virgin Mobile such as the release date and pricing details as they are announced!

Source: Virgin Mobile